One of the most enigmatic and historical destinations in the world, it went through several changes from its origins, witnessing many stages.

Its origins date back to several hundred years B.C., where they were inhabited by ethnic groups such as the Chanapatas and Marcavalle. With the passage of time and the arrival of the Incas of Manco Cápac from the south, the Inca period began in the Cusco Valley, this was a period of constant fighting between the Incas and the other peoples who inhabited the entire region.

The fourteenth century was decisive for the entire Andean world, Pachacútec took the power and reins of Andean society, thus beginning a new era that laid the foundations of the entire ancient Andean Universal empire, being considered the golden age of Inca history.

In the middle of the sixteenth century, the Spanish invasion generated a total impact and completely changed the course of Andean history, it was a very convulsive stage, but at the same time full of a cultural exchange between both worlds, where syncretism allowed the birth of a new culture that is maintained today and can be perceived in its religion, customs and architecture.

Relevant Information

  • The altitude is 3,399 meters or 11,151 feets above the sea level.
  • The weather is dry and cool, during the day is sunny.
  • Max. Temperature: 20°C or 68°F
  • Min. Temperature: 3°C or 37.4°F
  • The best time to travel is from April to November.
  • The main festivity is the Inti Raymi on June 24th.
  • The rainy season is from December to April.
  • How to get to Cusco:
    By plane to the International Airport Alejandro Velasco Astete (CUZ), the travel time from Lima is 90 minutes.
    By bus, the travel time from Lima is 22 hours.


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